Hi, I have a question about IUD and Cryosurgery. 

I had a pap smear about a month ago and the result came out and my doctor said I had a mild dysplasia, pre-stage of Cin-1. And she recommended Cryosurgery. 

But my stupid self decided to get a Paragard (A copper IUD) from Planned Parenthood while I was waiting for the result. Mainly because I was tired of dealing with hormone-based birth control, and I had no idea it'll be so expensive and most importantly, painful. I know I have to remove IUD for the Cryosurgery. And here's my question. 


1. If I have to go through a pap smear again, do I have to remove IUD for that procedure, too? If so, can it be inserted again on the same day? 

2. How long do I have to remove IUD for the Cryosurgery procedure? And can I keep the IUD somewhere else and insert it again or do I have to purchase a new one? 

3. What are the side effects of Cryosurgery? (Pain, bleeding, etc.) and how long does it take to heal? 

4. If you're a medical professional, how serious does my result sound? Can I wait until I get my Cryosurgery? Possibly until December?