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Hi everyone, I have diabetes type 2 and my doctor has me check my blood sugar levels 4 times a day. I was wonder how many times do you test your BG? I've heard that some people check up to 15 times a day. I just can't imagine. Is there any set number of times you should do and do you think my doing it 4 times each day is okay? I'm still new to this and trying to figure everything out. I guess I do need to worry about how many test strips I have to use so If I decide to test more I might run out. Anyway, if someone knows, please share that with me. Thanks


Hi, I think testing 4 times if common but how much you test depends on your particular case and how nervous you are about your blood sugar levels. I know a number of people who test 15 times a day. In the past, I would test 11 to 15 times but I was having trouble stabilizing my blood sugar levels. I had to figure out what foods I could eat, how much and what I could mix it with so testing often was important. I kept an extensive log of everything. And, really that's what I had to do to get control. I suppose what it boils down to is what stage of diabetes are you in. If you're in prediabetes or early stage, you would check less often. However, initially you may check more often to determine what your diet should be. If you have late stage diabetes, you would need to check more often. If you're blood sugar levels are not stable (too high and/or too low), your doctor will increase the number of times you check your sugar levels. After all, he/she needs to see how your sugar levels fluctuate. I don't suggest that you start measuring your sugar levels 15 times a day, that was just me in the beginning. Just follow you doctor's recommendations. And, every thing should be all right.