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I have a question about test strips and lancets.  What would I need to do to order more?  Do I need a prescription for both the test strips and lancets?  I would like to take my blood sugar quite often, like 5 times a day for a month or so, then I can see what my blood sugars run on an average so I can document it.  I just want to buy a lot of the test strips so do you think it is ok?  Is there like regulations that keep people from buying too many test strips or lancets?  I think you can order these off the tv as well?  I saw commercials on getting diabetic supplies but I didn’t know how you go about it.  If there is any type of criteria that a person needs to fulfill to become eligible for this type of program?  


You should be able to order as many test strips and lancet as you wish.  The only way your health insurance will pay for the supplies will be if your doctor orders them.  You can ask your doctor if he/she can write a script for more test strips and lancets if you think it would be a possibility. Otherwise, you can pay out of pocket for your supplies if you are able to.  There are no regulations that prevent you from getting more testing supplies on your own.  They are pretty expensive;  bottles of test strips can cost as much as $80 for a vial of 50.  This is something to consider if you want to check your blood sugar multiple times of the day.  You can also try the companies advertised on television. They may offer supplies at a discounted price. I believe anyone can buy diabetic supplies without being eligible; insurance will only pay if you medically need it.