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ive been doing weights for around 3 months now and still no result..
i work different muscles i just have to be patient or is it something else...i do the weights for about 30-80mins a day


You are overtraining for sure. Which is doing more damage then help.
Is your goal to loose weight or gain muscle?
Your actual workout is only 10-20% important Diet is 80-90%
If your workout takes more than 45min it is too long, you are not a pro lifter at least not yet.
If you at any point yawn or feel groggy/sleepy during a workout stop!
At that point you are just over training your body/you are not a pro athlete ...yet.
Cut your days down to only 3 days a week even if you have been lifting for 3 months, consider this your do over and you get to start over a bit better off.
Abb's are the only muscle you can work everyday and not over train.
Eat at least 1-1.5 grams of protien for every pound you weigh. Take out body fat weight if possible. Make sure you do not over do carbs they are the key and the lock to a good diet. Too little and you cannot gain muscle or any weight. Too much and you will see alot more of it turned into fat.
Make sure you eat about 35-50 grams of quality protien and 60-80 grams of quality carbs before and after a workout. Even if you are trying to loose weight. Look up the Krebs cycle to see why i do not dare type that much information into one of these boxes.

Pick muscle groups for days
Monday: Chest, Abb's, and Arms
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday:Back and abbs
Thursday: rest
Friday:Leg's and abbs

And lastly Sleep. AT LEAST 8 Good quality hours of sleep a night and do not sleep over 10 hours because it fools your body into thinking it is in another sleep cycle so when you wake up you often times feel more tired when you just get 8-10 hours.

I really hope i covered it all for you. If you have any more questions feel free to pm me