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Let me start off by explaining my situation.

About 2 months ago I began running to lose weight. I was 230 pounds then and am now about 209. I started running IN SHOES 2 miles a day. After suffering from sever calve and knee pain, I read in Men's Journal and many many websites that running barefoot may be the solution to relieving that pain. I tried it out and I loved it. I feel faster, lighter, and stronger in barefoot. My feet are not really affected by the texture of pavement because as I kid I was always barefoot walking on gravel and in the woods.

Over the course of 2 months, I have changed my running pattern to 6 miles every other day to allow healing. I do not feel any pain while running but the next I feel a bruise like pain on the sides of both my feet. It hurts to press on them around the back middle area of them. Around the ball thingy. Likewise my ankles feel really stiff in the morning and I struggle to walk down stairs but through out the day they loosen up.

I do stretch before running but I may not being stretching my ankles enough.

I have really nice running shoes, with cross trainer soles and I've attempted to run with them again but I get the same old pain in my shins, calves, and knees until I take them off.

I really do not want to hurt my feet to the point where I can't run because I enjoy running and it's really working for me weight wise.

I'd appreciate advice that didn't require shoes, because at this point it seems like there's more pain with shoes than without.



you should have a good rest and then begin to do exercises