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Hello, 2 months ago I was diagnosed with having a fractured heel, as well as achilles tendonitis, and was told that it was closer to a full fracture than a stress fracture. As I was healing with a fracure boot on, all seemed well, but approx 10 days after the boot was removed, I began having a lot more pain and discomfort than I thought normal, so I visited my podiatrist again, and at this point, he had finally been given the results of the MRI I had done back in June. Now, it was determined that there was a cyst in my heel area. So, now that the fracture is healing, it appears that surgery may be the next step, to both repair any part of the achilles that is torn, as well as remove the cyst. I am wondering, if anybody else has gone through this mess, and is surgery really necessary at this point? Thanks for your responses, J



I have a problem that seems similar.
Please read
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and tell me if surgery was the point.

I hope your problem will be solved. Best regards.

Jérôme Bastong