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Hi all, I would love some advice on my predicament. I've been to 5 running stores in the SF area and get different advice at each one. Some running store associates say I should wear motion control shoes by some whereas others recommend stability. About Me - I have custom orthotics, which I believe correct for my mild pronation and low arches. - I am a 200 lbs and 6'1" - My runs generally have a 9:00 to 10:00 pace depending on my route & distance. - My goal (which I have almost achieved) is to run 20-25 miles per week. Plus, I plan to run 6 half-marathons over the next year. - I currently wear Mizuno Wave Alchemy 5. I've tried the #6 and #7 models, but neither fits my foot correctly. I am not fully satisfied w/ theses shoes and would like something w/ more cushion support. Questions: a) Does it make sense to get a pair of motion control shoes and a stability ones then alternate their usage? b) Is one more important than the either? c) Are there good shoes that fit into both categories - if so, which ones? Any advice and insight would be immensely appreciated. Thanks, Star BD


Star _BD, my take on your problem is that you should buy whatever shoes YOU feel comfortable in; cushion or even neutral if that's the way you want to go.

Your custom made orthotics are correcting your foot mechanics.