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I hate to admit this but I have to my running or lack of, just sucks.
Ever since i broke my pinky toe 3 months ago, I have tried so hard to get
"back" , this week was the worse......... 2 miles all week, Ihave been
15-20 mpw but before the broke toe around 35mpw. This past week my husband had bi-lateral hernia surgery, so I have been taking care of him , but honestly had time to run just didn't. I seem to have NO problem coming up with excuses, from too dark to do a before work run , too hot to do an after work run, not safe to do a late nite goes on.

I have been researching dogs all day ont he internet, husband {and I} seems to think I need a good dog to run w/me and make me feel safe.
I would like to do another marathon this december, but dec. seems so far away.I have been running 2.5 years this is the first time this has happened. Any advice!?

What dogs are best to run with? Thanks!


The best advice I can give you is just to get back out there!

Put no pressure on your self, no goals, no time, no nothing.

Plan an easy run, on a favorite trail, and just soak it in.

That should help, and if it doesn't...

supermom-> :coach: <-coach

This will do the trick.


Good advice from Coach! Put away the watch and don't worry about the miles. Just do a few runs for fun. If you only make it around the block, then who cares. Go to a park, trail, or run through the sprinklers in the neighborhood (that's my favorite).

Good luck! (hope your husband is recovering well)


I would say just the opposite as Coach and Kat.

Give yourself a goal, write it down if you have to. Also give yourself the plan to achieve this goal. Write that down too. Then, as that shoe company advocates: Just do it. And make the goal something you can achieve.

Instead of saying that you're going to run 35 miles this week, make your goal something along the lines of running at least three times this week.

And always make your goals things you can evaluate quantitatively.

Here's an example:
The goal could be getting out of bed in the AM to go run.
The plan is to lay out the running clothes and set an alarm clock (or possibly multiple alarm clocks).
Then the hard part: actually getting out of bed.

You might also want to share your goal with your husband, so that when that alarm goes off, he could help "motivate" you to get out of bed.

As for dogs: Retreivers; lab or golden and huskies are great breeds to run with.


I'm going to side with coach and kat on this one. Don't set goals, just get out there and run. Seriously think about when is the optimum time for running enjoyment. Only run when you are almost guaranteed an enjoyable run. Don't take a watch, don't worry about mileage. Just run until you feel like quitting. DON'T THINK ABOUT IT. This really worked for me last spring. I had almost quit completely because I was running for the wrong reason. I had started to run just to enter the mileage into my log, instead of for the enjoyment of running. Once I said screw the log, things turned around.


I'm going to agree with flarunner. I think a certain degree of accountability will help you tremendously. Find someone either in your personal life or here on this site that will help to motivate you to run on the days you need to run.

A running plan will also help you get out the door when you need to. When it says run X miles on day Y, just do it. Don't make excuses, just run the miles.



Such a good point PH. I really liked this.