Since I've been in the 7th grade when I first got my period. I had a fever. I didn't no why but as the months went on before every period I got bad cramps and height fevers up to 103.0 I thought it was normal but my mother always wondered why I was sick. I told her and she said we need to get to the doctors asp. But with my family there is 12 of us and you kind of for get things then there is a big family. But I never wanted to say anything to her again cause I didn't want her to think I was being a baby about it by my self. I would get a sore throat at first then 24hrs later get a fever with throbbing cramps. What I would do is take a cold shower to lower my fever then take ibuprofen so would go away for a while then rest up only a little bit, cause if you rest to much you would only want to stay in bed anthou need to help your self. Then I looked up on the Internet what worked best for cramps and fevers, it popped up (midol) extended relief. I went to the store got some came home took it and sure enough cramps and fever went away. But you half to try not take so much maybe 1 each day it helped me. But also with a fever have coke or Pepsi, it will help you if you drink that because haves so much aSid in it, will kill the bacteria. 

If this helps comment or let me no what your problem is, and I can see if I can help!