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I was on Lexapro for 6 months; have been off for 4. Since having gone off, I exercise daily from 40 minutes to 2 hrs depending on the days, and STILL cannot lose weight at all. Has anyone else had any success and if so, how long after being on Lexapro or any SSRI? I'm very frustrated with the makers of Lexapro... this is ridiculous. What's mroe ridiculous is feeling like I have no control over this at all, especially after as much effort as I have put into exercising and eating very healthily (no refined foods, lots of fresh produce, no fried foods, etc, etc)

Please tell me your experiences!!!

THanks for your time :-)


I just googled lexapro and weight gain and saw this message!
I dont have an answer for you but I feel your pain. I was on lexapro too and I gained a lot of weight. I am off of it now but I cant lose any weight, no matter what I do. Very sad. Before that when I would decide I wanted to lose weight beginning of the week, I would be down 2_3 pounds! I knew my body and I knew how to make it happen! Now nothing works. I am very sad!


Hi there! I just posted this. It took me a long time to figure this out after they gave me prescription meds. It alters your body chemistry. This is how I regained control - I'm going to repost. Also I recomment you read the page "Taking the fear out of eating fat" at the Weston A Price foundation (Google it) - Best of luck to you

OMG! Same thing happened to me. My size 8 jeans were loose as I was toning up and had muscle/firm body all over (I have a large frame) Then I was put on prescription and I went to a size 12-14 in less than 3 months without eating much of anything.

I found the following supplements for weight loss after drugs:
VCO caps 2 per day (you can buy the Virgin Coconut oil in jar, eat 4 tsp per day) You c an''t OD it's food! you'll lose body fat and tone up with this.
L-Carnitine 500mg twice a day before exercise (I only walk 2x a week) It burns fat and builds muscle rapidly
5 HTP: 50mg or up to 200mg per day. Best to stay 100mg a day
7-Keto: I used to take 2 pills, 1 am, 1pm (I used NOW FOODs brand)
Lecithing granules (or pills) and/or Phosphatidyl Choline is amazing to burn body fat.

Hope this helps. It took me 6 months before see any results but I could feel the muscle building under the fat and then one day I woke up and I had lost 2" off my waist! It works just keep at it.

If you haven't taken any drugs this would work the first week you'd see results. Try it Good luck sweetie and don't overdo it! Don't take more pills than the label tell you OK?


Same with me. I thought something was wrong with me. I guess we have to keep trying and pray with it.
I did have a bad experience a year ago and ate very, very little. I lost some weight then but four months later I regained it.