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I sometimes get way over zealous and push to hard. This has led me to run to the point of fairly serious heat exhaustion twice. Both times i got goosebumps on my arms and started feeling real spacy. At the time I just thought it was runners high ! My nurse/girlfriend clued me in.

Somebody told me once you have had heat exhaustion it is easier for you to get it again. Any truth in this ?

I now regularly get the beginning signs of it on hot days ... of course I know now to throttle back when the hairs on my arms start standing up !

When I was in my 20's I could run in 98 F heat all day long ... now I'm 33 and it just kills me.

My question is .... is there any way to "train for" heat ?
To somehow increase the bodies ability to cool itself on hot/humid days ?

Failing that ... how about artificial means ?
Is there anything wrong with just drenching oneself with cold water during a run ? This will of course help cool the body down temporarily, and take some of the load off the bodies cooling mechanisms ?

The most obvious tactic is to run at night or during the morning, which I usually do ... but there is this quirky side of me that wants to be able to handle the heat/sun ...

Suggestions welcome.


yes there is truth to this, unfortunately
to adjust i wonder if sauna exposure might help. a Denver runner came and visited me for the Peachtree and the humidity was a factor for her. i started to wonder about this approach. i know i like the sauna and have been using it more this year and also having less heat issues than last year.


I have found personally that I can handle the heat and humidity since I have lost a considerable amount of weight.


Alright ... as a follow up ...

After googling quite a bit, I'm convinced there is no way really to "train" or improve the bodies cooling mechanism.

So ... I was thinking the best thing to do is to just increase your performance level in general, so that when you do have to "hold back" on those hot days, your still at a pretty descent performance level.

Acclimating by spending time in the heat is probably not a bad idea either.

according to this guy, drenching yourself in water is fine way to cool down.
of course he also recommends drinking lots of fluids.
and wearing a cap.

it looks like I am just going to be stuck with a "hot/humid" day pace, and a "cool" day pace.

But definetly listen to your body !
here i am almost 34 and i still have to fight the urge to ignore my bodies signals ...


you know ... i have been weight training (upper body) and am about 12 pounds heavier.
the last summer that i can remember not really being affected by the heat i was at a slim 139 pounds.
and muscles increase the metabolism and generate lots of heat no doubt.
i may just need to put down the weights and just get rid of all this superfulous upper body muscle weight. :)
well, thanks for bringing this up. i thought i was just getting old but now i see there may be other causes.