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What could be the reason for peeling lips? Ever since I've had my braces removed 9 years ago my lips have been peeling. Nothing that I am too worried about. I am just curious as too what could cause it too happen. I thought may be from my allergies ending up sleeping with my mouth open because my nose is too stuffed up to breath. My sister seems to have the same problem. She also had braces. We have been told by friends time and time again because we always are biting or nibbling on our lower lips. lol Force of habit for us. Can't help it. It can peel and heal up and within a month or less it peels again. Is there anything to stop it like I saw petroleum jelly can help with that or certain lip balms or chapsticks?


Hi NicEck, sounds like plain ol' chapped lips, it probably has lot to do with sleeping with your mouth open. My advice would be moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Find a whole face moisturizer that you like and use it before you go to bed and in the mornings. A chapstick would be benificial as well, there is a brand I use daily for my lips, it's called Burt's Bees. Hope this helps. Good luck.