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I am hurting on my left side my cat-scan shows a cyst on my liver and my liver functions are high,how would a dr. Treat me and what will be prescribe for this miserable pain?


Charles brother I wish I could help you but I'm currently in the same boat! On Monday Jan 4th my son took me to the hospital emergency dept. they took blood and urine and decided to keep me for the night to do tests the next day. They hooked me up to an I.V.and gave me little shots of morphine and gravol and whatever was in the bag apparently some potasium as I was low in that dept.The next day I was still in pain they did an ultrasound and ct scan and took more blood. left me lying there only to come in and say there was nothing they could do for me since there was'nt a specialist on site they called it chronic pancreatitis. They sent me home with no pain meds. zero!!! I left in exactly the same shape I went in with. Have not eaten F'all since Sunday!!!!! Going to my doctor tomorrow see what he says might have better luck going sraight from doctors office rather than walking in off the street. I hatr hospitals anyway. Using Percocet right now to take the edge off the pain. Wish I could offer you more Bro just support and hang in there ! Hopefully both of us will get through this we have to believe. Good Luck and Take Care  Truckerpete