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Im 16 years old. And I have panic attacks.

It's a very scary experiance for me.
And I am also most likely pregnant.

I have at least one Panic attack a day.

And here is what I experiance.

First, I get a little dizzy, like the room is moving, but im not. Or the other way around.
Second, I get excited, or nervous.
Thrid, I start to freak out... and I can't feel my arms. I have to claw my arms, just to make sure there still there.
Fourth, I get Nausea... AndI have fear of Throwing up, so I force myself not to.
Fifth, I start to cry, because it's so horrible, I actually want to faint, just to stop experiancing it.

And it won't stop for about 15 minutes or so... then it starts to die down, but not fully. And alot of things trigger this. Smoking. Wearing glasses, Sitting for too long. And other things I haven't found out yet, and don't want to. I think I am getting this because

1. We had to put my cat down Wensday August 1st 2007. R.I.P Poncho
2. I am pregnant.
3. Me and my mom fight alot.
4. I used to smoke weed, and I had experiances like this twice before, triggered by Weed. Those were 20 times worse though.

This is my Panic Attack story.


I also have panic attacks. Scary thing to have to deal with, huh? I have a one year old and during my pregnancy they seemed to get worse. You are getting prenatal care? Make sure and mention these things to your doc. When i first had them I thought i was having a heart attack and that the docs were just dismissing me, so dont feel like your alone. You just have to rest when you feel them coming on. Helps me alot to lay down and breathe deeply. Hope this helps!