Okay, so I've apparently always had phimosis, never had any problem with it, until the first time I (tried to) have sex and it hurt like hell, finally got retracted and it took a lot of effort to put the tip back in. I went to my general physician and he said to retracting in and out daily with the use of flucort, an anti flammatory cream. Now after doing it for a few days, it started getting in and out but it still felt a little painful. Now doing this for more than half a year, not daily but about 3 times a week, it still feels uneasy when it's erect and I try to retract it and especially when I try to get it back. I also feel no pleasure when I pull back too much. I went to my GP today and he said it shouldn't be a problem, and I continue to do the excercise daily, and it would eventually be okay. I'm second guessing, maybe I should see an urologist? Any advice would be helpful, thank you.