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I am 24weeks pregnant, and was a heavy pot smoker before i was pregnant. During the first 3months i smoked a little just because it helped with my nausea. Once entering my 4th month i stop 100%. The point is I failed my drug test the doctor gave me! I was before and still am a little overweight, i know THC can stick to your fat cells. My doctor has contacted CPS, now I'm afraid my baby will be taken away. Any advice?


Hello pregnant mom!  


First I would like to congratulate you on the wonderful news of being a mother!  I am also a father and being a parent is the most amazing feeling in the world.  Your newborn will not be removed from your care solely on your initial positive drug screen.  Your doctor will continue to monitor you to ensure you do not continue to use. Since you have stopped smoking marijuana your THC levels should start decreasing.  The hospital might call CPS depending on what state you live in and based on history of substance use.  A CPS investigation might be completed on your family to determine whether the child is in immediate risk or if there is a threat of harm.  


There is a misconception that Children's Protective Services has the power to remove a child from a family. No agency has the power to remove any child from a home without a court order. Law enforcement, police, are able to remove a child if there is an immediate threat but they also must get paperwork from the county court. Normally when a child is removed for substance abuse the families are offered services to ensure the risks are reduced or eliminated for the child to return back to the family's home. In some situations there is no court involvement but CPS does get involved and monitor the families to ensure the child is safe. If its determined that there is little risk the case might remain open for a few months and be monitored.


If you truly loved your child be responsible and ensure that your child is safely away from anyone that is abusing any illicit substance including prescriptions. The safety of a child is taken very serious, although many people might disagree with the decision of the court to remove the child from a home, it is something that must be done to ensure the safety of the children. As you are aware children cannot express what they feel or know what is right so it is your responsibility as a parent to ensure they are safe. When a parent is not able or fails to keep a child safe Children's Protective Services get's involved and possibly involve the court.

I wish you well with your baby and hope you remain strong and keep your child safe. From the bottom of my heart I ask you to cherish your child as they are our blessings from God! A child is the most amazing miracle and although many times things can get stressful nothing can ever replace the emptiness from a loss of a child.


With Christ,

Children's Protective Services Investigator