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Hello ,
Iam 25 Years , Iam getting soon married but I am bit afraid to have sex with my wife. Because i dont know much knowledge on sex. I mean I dont where to insert the pennis and how to hold her ..

can you help me on this'


Everyone has a first time, you don't need to be afraid.

The best thing you could do would be to talk to her. Let her know your concerns. She will understand and will be glad that you are able to confide in her. There is a lot of trust in sex, communicating your lack of knowledge is the most important part.

Then, just relax and let it happen.


See, if you have interest in sex then you will automatically want to get to know what is to be done. Like by looking at internet and reading about sex. Books are better zt instructions.

If you don't know, no problem: sit with your wife and tell her
'I have never been in sex then, what to do?

You can also go to doctors for sex consultation. All the best , don't worry: sex is really very nice.


an important part of having sex with your new wife is getting her and you aroused sexually. this is often referred to as foreplay, meaning it happens before penetration of the lady's vagina, between her legs, where her period blood comes out.
intercourse happens when a man is aroused so his penis is stiff, and he pushes it gently in and out of the vagina.
the inside of a woman's vagina has a ripple like surface which gives satisfying feeling to man as he goes in and out. he will have an urgent desire to keep going in and out until he builds to a climax and ejaculates his sperm with a series of pulses as his sperms are squirted out.
at this point the man will be happy to relax and get his breath back.
he may want to keep his penis inside the vagina until it shrinks back to smaller size and then he can slide it out.
If wife has been aroused by this thrusting she may want more stimulation, because ladies too can reach their sexual climax and have an orgasm.
but before you do any of this you need to kiss and cuddle her, so that she gets sexually aroused.
she will normally have a moist vagina , because ladies have a discharge to keep their vagina's clean.
but when she is sexually aroused she produces more discharge for lubrication for intercourse. so it is ok to put your finger inside her outer lips, her slit , to feel if she is wet.
Also to help with stimulation you can suck her nipples on her breast, and gently touch her clitoris, which is sensitive part ladies have for sexual pleasure.
if you need more information just ask and I will explain more to you.


chances are she will be feeling the same way as you. She is marrying you so she clearly loves you and isnt with you for the sex. Talk to her about it, tell her you are nervous. My boyfriend is my best friend it wasnt like having sex (as such) when we did for the first time we were just taking another step in our relationship, with anyone else it would have been an awkward mess but because it was us we could laugh about it and be open. dont be worried it should feel natural and dont expect great things from the first time, it may be great it may not be but all you need to do is keep practicing. Good luck!


You've had a few really good suggestions so far here.

I would urge you to look up a few good books on sexual harmony, marriage and technique. A few include: "Everything you Always Wanted to Know about Sex" by Dr. David Rubin (circa 1972)
"The Guide to Getting It On" from Goofy Foot Press (5th edition)
or "The Joy of Sex" by Dr. Alex Comfort

These are just a few classics.
Your religious leaders or counselors will be able to answer specific questions when it comes to your culture.

Good luck. It's good that you're open to asking and learning before the wedding night. You can both learn together. That's what builds a marriage.