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I am nearly 14 and my Labia Minora hangs down below my labia majora . is this normal ? As only one side of it hangs , the other side is stil folded . When i try to push it back in , it wont stay , it wont fit . Also there is a lot of dry skin on it . It is Very irritating when i walk as it sometimes gets in the way and hurts . Is this normal ? I have read that swelling of the Labia Minora could be vulva cancer. Please can somebody help me and answer me because i dont know what it is or anything :?


Chances are you don't have surgery. Chances are you just have a large labia minora. Some women do.

There's not a whole lot you can do about it but get it surgically removed. You're young and still going through puberty, so you may "grow into it"; you're still developing. Go to a gynecologist and get expert advice.