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My x-wife can barely get out of bed due to severe anxiety and daily frequent panic attacks. She can't eat, can't sleep, her stomock hurts, she throws up several times a day, has dizzy spells, can't deal with situations/people in general, cry's constantly - I could go on and on..... I know what she feels like as I have experienced anxiety and pure panic detoxing from pain pills. But this is serious in that it's been going on for weeks and ever growing worse.

looking back, she has been dealing with this for 5 - 10 years stemming from seperation, great loss - loosing her father and many loved ones, mental abandonment as a child, for lack of a better term, all inflamed by a very high stress career as she is a realistate/corperate tax attorney.

The doctors have never taken proper action over the years, just throwing drugs like prozac, wellbutrine, busbar, ect.... taking multiple meds then going on Vvance and God knows what other cocktails through the years. (She is off all those but taking Adderil {not adderal} and 25mg. of seriquil at night).

I want to take her to the emergency room but she doesnt want to go and it's doubtful that they will help anyway.

Please Please help. I need a course of action - first to bring any sort of releif and second a course of treatment. I have been reading up in this and it is clear that the patient has to begin the work of retraining the brain ect.....

We have twin 9 year old daughters who are healthy and happy going to a wonderful christian school thank God! But, we have pretty much lost everything including the house and only the girls have insurance so please be mindful that we have very little money.

Thank you any and everyone who might take the time to reply.

Please forgive the spelling, for some reason spell check isn't working and I have to go.



Hi Matt! Has your wife ever considered less drug based treatments such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)? One of the issues based around panic and anxiety is that it is very hard to pinpoint a 'why' and 'how' and many approaches deal with the past and looking for reasons that problems occur. CBT doesn't do that - it deals with the here and now, and handling the consequences of the situation. It can and does put people out of their comfort zones, but often that is the way to progress. It can be highly effective and clinical psychologists and some psychotherapists have full accreditation. I couldn't comment on cost as but it really might be worth a try. Good luck!