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I am having a difficult time finding a parathyroid surgeon in northern Calif that has done enough minimally invasive cases to be consided experienced.

Does anyone have any suggestions of doctors who do a lot of these minimally invasive procedures?  It appears that UCSF has a physician (Jessica Gosnell) that appears to do a large number of cases.  Does anyone have personal knowledge of her methods, etc.  Or knowledge about UCSF's parathyroid surgical protocols.

This is frustrating as we would really like to stay local if at all possible.


Having an experienced surgeon is extremely important.  Find the best possible surgeon and go whever he is.  Proximity is a minor issue compared to the problems that can come from an inexperienced surgeon.


I suggest that you look up the website for Dr Babak Larian in LA and contact him.  I traveled much farther to have him do my surgery and wouldn't hesitate to do it again.  I wish you well.  mass