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hello I am 21 and I cannot have kids, my partner doesn't know and wants them, we have been together since college, and even when I found out in my second year of college I didn't tell him because I thought it would be awkward since we had only been going out a couple of months. I will not go into detail of why I carn't have them but it is so distressing, does anyone have any advice for me?


Hi Guest,

Your partner has every right to know about this.  He wants kids, which is understandable.  You not telling him that you can't would be wrong.  I realize you might be afraid of losing him but there are other ways to have kids.  Adoptions is often overlooked.  There is also the possibility of a surrogate mother, using your partners sperm.

Discuss this with him.  You say "partner."  That means you should be able to share thngs, even of this nature with him.

Without knowing the specifics of why you can't have your own children remember too that in time that may change due to medical advances.

Good luck.