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I'm 25 and my partner is 42.

I've just found out i'm pregnant.

I already have a 3 yr old by a previous relationship and he has 3 kids from his.

He wants me to abort as he's said he doesn't want anymore children and im not sure what to do!

He's told me its my decision but i cant make up my mind.

He's said he'll support me, but i'm not sure.

I'm very torn, would i be able to live with the abortion or will i be able to cope with a second child as a single parent. 

I am looking for some advice. Please can someone help. 


Hi Inneed,

Only you can make this decision.

How long will he be your partner?  You will always and forever be the baby's mother.

No offense intended but your partner could have made this clear earlier and he could have used protection.  His thinking shows a lack of concern - not to put words in his mouth but its sounds something like "it's your problem not mine, but since you got into this I'll support you."

It's your decision.  Adoption is also an option.

Good luck.