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Please help me, I can't pull my foreskin back!!ive never seen my glans before, my penis kind of looks like an ant eater,my dad says I should do circumcision but I'm afraid it'll hurt!what do I do?ive tried but it hurts,even when it's erect I can't see it!HELPP MEEE PLZZZZ!!!


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Hi Luis. I understand your fears and you are not alone... Have you been to a doctor yet? just because you can't pull back your foreskin doesn't automatically mean you will have to have a circumcision.  have you started puberty? If so how Long ago? It could be that your penis is growing faster than your foreskin and It can't stretch around it. When you try to pull your foreskin back is there a white ring around it? You mention you tried stretching exercises. What were you doing how are you trying to stretch it? I apologize for all the questions but it will better help me give advice