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Well as my thingy says, im 17 and i never really pulled back the foreskin on my penis. I mean, i tried it before but never really got anywhere but that was when i was about 14-15. Now im 17 and i masturbate sometimes&me and my girlfriend wanna have sex soon. Cleaning the inside is also something i wanna start doing. Like...i tried it today but it didnt really hurt. there was this dull pain though and i saw this skin connecting my head to my foreskin. Is it supposed to be like that? and if i try to pull it back would that pop? and also, what steps should i take to start getting my head exposed bcuz i wanna be able to show my head.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Jay,

Yes, that band between the head and foreskin is normal, it's called a frenulum.  It is supposed to be like that. 

Just keep pulling the skin back, but not so that it hurts.  If the skin stretches it grows, so the more often you stretch the quicker it will slide.

This thread should help on the stretching:

Yes, you need to clean inside there too.

Hope it helps.