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I'm feeling really tired, i can't seem to eat hardly anything everytime I do I feel sick and with 2 mouthfuls I feel like im full. I have been sick twice over eating too much and feeling bloated when I haven't really eaten much.

When I'm eating i get pains also, and they seem to be getting worse as I'm starting to get harsher pains and even when I haven't eat anything.

Ive been to the doctors and they said it was build up of acid which I was given tablets for however I was on them for 2 weeks or so and the pains where getting worse and I was feeling dizzy and more sick therefore I have stopped taking them tabletsu and looking to book another doctors appointment but just wanted some other advice.

If anyone can help Id be very greatful..



so i have terrible pains in my stomach after i eat or even when i do eat. it gets worse everytime i eat.then i just want to throw it all back up, but i dont.. i can hardly eat anything without getting pain.