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Let me just start out by saying no, I am not pregnant. No, my birth control pill is not causing this its been happening for years. And no, I don't have an eating disorder. 

So, for about two years now I've been getting really sick when I eat. It comes and goes but when it happens I start to shake and feel either really hot or really cold. Then I get extreme nausea and it can last for a couple hours. Most of the time I can't keep the food down. And it doesn't matter what I eat. I could eat a hamburger and get sick or a bowl of salad or a cracker. And smelling the food makes the nausea even worse. And I like to eat so its really frustrating when I can't. Even when I haven't eaten anything all day and I KNOW that I'm hungry and need to eat, I sometimes can't because the second the food touches my tongue I want to gag it back up again. Being in stressful or emotional situations makes it ten times worse. I can literally be nauseous all day without relent. It also happens on and off. Sometimes I'll go months and be fine only for it to start up again in the middle of the year and last six months. I've looked at several possible causes but I still can't figure out why my body isn't handling food.


You should try vaporizing medicinal marijuana to control the nausea and stimulate your appetite.  Vaporizing is the healthiest way to get high, smoking damages the lungs and you get carcinogenics out of smoking but vaping is different and only heats/releases the THC out of the weed.  It would do wonders for you, talk to your doctor about it.  Seriously think about it - you will be able to enjoy food again.