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 I'm a woman doesn't get jealous easily when it become to material stuff,

 but there is one thing that i wish i could wear sun glass when i go anywhere specially traveling with my husband.

 I get so jealous with  every women i see wearing sun shade.. well my problem is I can't wear them. because i get dizzy. headache. and i will deffinitely vomit. and sick get  for fer days..went to eye doctor and he said my eye just dry.. that BS i know isn't true..  so is there any solution for my Issue?......


Well my first and most obvious question is do you wear glasses or contacts? If you do wear glasses you can get transition lenses or prescription sunglasses. Now it maybe the color of the tinting on the sunglasses, try a different color, most common are brown which gives it that really dark effect, they also have silver and blue which are similar just one is darker than the other. It may not be linked but do you have motion sickness? Let me know a little more information and I'll pick my brain a little more.