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i know the answer already... can't do drugs when pregnant.
BUT... what about this situation:

I didn't know i was pregnant. did some coke, weed even before i reached that day when i missed my period. i'm not a regular user... just when i'm at parties and some people offer to give me some.

i'm really scared because now i'm pregnant.

so i guess my question is.... could it have done something to my baby? i only did some... not a lot at and it was only that one night.


Ok for one... Coke? Doing it because someone offered it to you at a party??? I'm sorry but in my opinion, that's stupid. None the less...

Weed / Coke or any other recreational drugs are obviously not good for you or your developing fetus. You know this. hence why you're asking about it. Now a lot of women who are not 'planning' their baby do stuff in those first few weeks they probably wish they could take back. The most critical time for a developing fetus is the first few weeks even before one knows she is pregnant. Just whatever you do, DO NOT do anything else. Take Folic Acid, eat right and be good to you and your baby from now on.
As long as you don't continue your baby won't become addicted. However, when you speak with your doctor, you may want to mention this. They will tell you whether or not damage could have happened.
None of us here could say for sure.


haha i used to drink every day till i found out i was pregnant but you should get the book "what to expect when your expecting" its really good and talks about that stuff and how you probably wont hurt it just dont do it anymore, theirs tests that they do (tons of them) to find out if your baby has any mental or physical disabilities before you have it, GOOD LUCK and im sure your baby is fine