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i failed in an exam and this is really a great shock to me.this is un-expected.i feel like dying.many agitations,restlessness,sleeplessness..,am not able to concentrate on my studies again.depression!!!!i lost my confidence totally.always rushes of thoughts keeping me getting very angry and my thoughts keeping me away from sleep...!!!!i wanna get out of this sh*t:'(


This is a really common problem actually, so don't feel like you're the only one!  ;-)
Once you stop blaming and hating yourself, you will find the problems much easier to deal with. Things like depression and restlessness will disappear when you're confident of your past. 
Look at it this way, if we never experience failure, how can we progress in life? How will we know how cope?
Think about this for a moment.

Just don't be so hard on yourself. Give yourself some time during the day to take a breather and collect your thoughts. It helps. 
Think of what can be done so that you won't fail again, its all about focus. 

Hope this helps in some way,