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I recently, had a hysterectomy through the belly button, I feel very depressed I keep my tears back so my daughter want see me cry. I feel that am being punished. Please tell me why am a good person. I had uterine fibroid and they also found endometriosis. Sucks huh am only 38 one child. What can I do to make me feel better.


Hello lisagarza,

I know it's been some time since you posted about your problem, and I hope you managed to find a way to cope with these emotions. It's normal for a woman in your age to feel like her womanhood was stolen with the complete removal of your genital organs, despite the medical reasons that made the procedure necessary. If you can, it would help you to talk to a good counselor to help you learn methods of coping with these feelings. You'll need to shift your focus from what you lost, to what you have now - you are now healthy and have your daughter - you still have a lot of things to enjoy in life,

Wish you all the best, Nicole