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Ok so heres the deal...I just found out I tested positive for chlamydia...Now heres the thing...I have been with my boyfriend for the past 4 months now (12-9-12 is when we 1st had sex), before him I had no sexual contact with anyone since 6-25-12. On 6-29-12 I had went to my OBGYN and was tested for everything and it all came back negitive. So from 6-25-12 till 12-9-12 I have had no sexual contact what so ever with anyone! So how did I catch it? Now my boyfriends background...before we got together he was in prison for 2 and a half years and was tested during that time. When he got out he contacted me within 3 days, a week after that we were together. I had just found out that he was with someone before me (because of this situation i had to ask who and how many between getting out of prison and getting involved with me). He told me there was 1 girl and it was 1 time. So that would be my answer right? He got it from her and gave it to me. But what if he gets tested and she gets tested and they both come up negitive?? Which brings me to my question...How did I catch chlamydia if my boyfriend does'nt have it and both of us are being faithful and he did'nt get it from her??


Have him get tested. If it comes up negative did you make out with anyone other than your bf? if so thats how you got it.If he gets tested and not clean then you know how.Won't know till he gets tested.