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Hi, I'm 18 and about 5 days ago I thought I had gotten my period but it was faint, so I put a pad on and it stopped after about 5 hours  and today I took a pregnancy test that came out positive the first one very vibrant and the second very faint but still obviously there. About a couple hours later when I wiped after peeing I noticed blood on the toilet tissue, it wasn't really heavy but it was red. So I put a pad on and so far it isn't heavy, light but still red. I was wondering if this could be spotting or a miscarriage, or even my period( my periods are usually heavy!) I'm just really confused!!! Btw I'm about a week late on my period !


Hi Guest,

You can have bleeding early in a pregnancy, it is very common during the first trimester.

You could still be having a miscarriage.  Many women don't even know they are pregnant when they happen so early.

See your doctor.