I am 19 years old. I had phimosis. I got rid of this problem some time ago (operation). Damn I was dying after this surgery... Strange method, I had stitches around my penis ... Partial circumcision with frenulum rework i guess? So I have some 'pink' skin closer to the head.

So when I pull back foreskin its has some uneven skin on the left side (like its not connected perfectly) compared to right...

Anyway under reworked frenulum I have ''fat skin''. I would say something like half of ring more skin and I can see scars after operation..

I am thinking about going to doctor and ask if there is an option to reduce this 'ring' fat skin.

On the other hand I don't think so it will cause me some problems with condoms because while in erection - its not that bad but still I can feel it while touching.

But the main problem is that I can masturbate with my foreskin on (now it depends more on my drive than pleasure but there is something) but when my foresking is pulled back - pleasure dissapears instantly. And there is almost 0 sensivity of the head + strange feeling of it...

When I am finishing with skin pulled back somehow I have no pleasure. But when its on - I can feel it nicely.

Tbh best was before operation with skin on (phimosis so no other option)

I tried playing with fleshlights /eggs. Well I can end very fast. Especially with egg. Pleasure ? +/- there is some.

And when I need to go to the toilet I have to pull it back to avoid doing a mess... Its not something strange right? I heard that some of men have to do it (They never had any problem with foreskin)

Don't really know how its gonna work in real battlefield with condom / without......

Anybody can help / tell me something about it? Maybe someone had similar problem?