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I had an abortion 7 years back I was only 16 at that time , the doctor inserted a T inside my uterus I was 2 months pregnant. And since then something yellowish white comes out of my uterus , I have regular periods and no complications in periods , now I am getting married and want to have a baby but I am afraid I will face any problem doing so , only me and my boyfriend knows about this abortion that's I am seeking help from You people , am I able to get pregnant again? Please help me I am scared I love babies but at that time I wasn't able to keep it. 
looking forward for a response!


Hi Veronica,

This T sounds like an IUD, Intra Uterine Device.  It's a form of birth control and some can last up to about 10 years.

Some women do remove it themselves but I'd suggest you see your gyn/ob and have it removed.  It's a quick procedure but there can be some bleeding and discomfort.

Hope it helps.  Congratulations on your upcoming marriage.