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three days ago i woke up with the worst neck pains, extremely sore throat like glass in my throat, eyes red and wattery, dry lips, random shivers nd then sweats.. and i have a fever?


Hello Ashbabyali,

To put it simply, it sounds to me like you have strep throat. It's a very common infection but can be a real torture if you have your tonsils. In that case it causes tonsillitis - tonsils get extremely swollen and become very sensitive - that's why you're feeling like you have glass in your throat. Strep tonsillitis is known for causing very high fever and since this is bacterial infection, you will need antibiotics - and a full course completed - for this to clear out. Your physician will also check to make sure strep bacteria is the cause, because sometimes mononucleosis can look just like strep throat, only it's caused by a virus and antibiotics can't do much to treat it. So either way, you'll need to see a doctor, if you haven't already,

Hope you're feeling better by now,