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I'm 16 and i was diagnosed with mono. I'm scared that i will never be able to kiss or have a relationship or have a child because of this is it true? :'(


Calm down. None of what you mention is true.

Mononucleosis usually isn't very serious, although the virus remains in your body for life. Most people have been exposed to the Epstein-Barr virus by the time they're 35 years old and have built up antibodies. They're immune and won't get mononucleosis again. Treatment mostly involves bed rest and getting adequate fluids.

Most signs and symptoms of mononucleosis ease within a few weeks, but it may be two to three months before you feel completely normal. The more rest you get initially, the sooner you should recover.

Returning to your usual schedule too soon can increase the risk of a relapse. If you're an athlete, be cautious about returning to strenuous activities or contact sports, especially if your spleen is enlarged, because of the increased risk of rupturing the spleen.

Relax. You're going to live.