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I have a question, I dont actually bleed a lot during my period, it's usually just brown discharge and tissue, is this normal?


Hello there! How long have you had your periods, I mean when did you first get your period? If it hasn’t been long, then may be your periods are still unstable.

If your periods have always been like this, I reckon they are normal then. After all, it is tissue that we are expelling during our periods, right? Is it tissue like a clot or something?

Clots usually appear when periods are heavy because then those anticoagulants don’t have the time to prevent blood from clotting. I mean, I know some girls whose flows are so light that I really envy them.

Anyway, if your periods are regular and this is your only concern, I reckon you shouldn’t worry. However, if you still have doubts, you could pay a visit to a gynecologist and see if everything was in order.