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I have a rash under my right breast and on the bottom part of my breast and I used the HydroCorstisone 1% Cream and it did work but the rash came back. I cooled the area for a few minutes and put the HydroCorstisone Cream. It's healing again though. I read about preventing heat rash online. It think it was due to not wearing the right size bras and I was exercising with wire bras. I used sports bras too. I read something about other women using Cornstarch so I decided to use it and it did heel up. I haven't been using it everyday. So if Cornstarch IS the right product to use, how many times a day should I put it on? I'm only 23 years old.


I had the same problem - turned out to be a yeast infection.  You can check for a yeast infection by doing the glass of water test.  

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ime use sparingly an anit-fungal foot powder and fold up a tissue and place it under the breast to absorb excessive moisture - your bra will hold it in place.