Happened a number of times usually in the winter. The rash looks Like raised red rash and raised white center. Some of the rash is larger and more inflamed but all of it itches. My solution is to clean first with hydrogen peroxide using balls ofcotton. Then apply calamine lotion. Do this a few times a day for the first two days. Then switch to benadryl cream. Sweating will cause it to flare up again. So you may want to also use cornstarch. Repeat the steps. Use gentle soap such as oatmeal soap, or Cetafil gentle cleanser in place of soap in the shower. But clean with peroxide before applying the creams. Once itching and inflammation seem under control use rose water from health food store. (What does not work is tea tree oil , neem, aloe, for me. Only made it worse). Once completey healed use witch hazel from drug store combined with the natural rock deodorant from drug store or health food store on the area to prevent sweating and recurrance. Rose water can be used as well with the rock deodoran, use corn starch as well to keep dry.. if it occurs just do the steps. Claritin or Bennidryl pills can be used as well if discomfort is driving you crazy. You should heal withina week. If the skin is a dark color it may be a fungul infection and needs anti fungul treament. My instructions are for Heat Rash. Experiment with what works best for you, but these ingredients should clear it up quickly.