I am 19, I have been unable to retract my foreskin up until I was 16 and sexually active, I was never taught to retract or wash smegma away and I found out a few years ago. So I eventually stretched my foreskin and could retract and wash as I pleased but I had torn my foreskin during sex and had to leave it alone and wash it for a few weeks but I had an unnatural build up of smegma but it seems to have dried into my glans and is sticking to my foreskin when I try to retract it its like peeling away but very painful. I don't really know what to do I have always had a problem with smegma sticking to my foreskin and making it difficult to retract and I have never had creamy smegma. If someone could help explain to me why im having these problems all of a sudden I would be happy!. Also even when I am in the shower it is too painful to retract.