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Hi. So I'm 16 and both my dad and stepdad are circumcised so I was never really taught about pulling the skin back until recently I read something somewhere that you should pull it back and clean it everyday. And so a little while ago I was in the shower and I decided to  pull it back and I saw the blue gunk with yellow stuff stuck to the lower part of the head. It probably goes down way more.. But I get queezy yeah. Just wondering how I should go about removing this stuff. Thanks


Hi Daniel,

Thank your parents for not cirumcising you.  You'll likely enjoy sex more.

The stuff you see is called smegma.  It's normal to accumulate and it does need to be cleaned.  You can try just using water from the shower to soften it up but it may be difficult if it's never been cleaned.

Your glans, the head of your penis, is likely very sensitive.  This is normal too.  It has been covered by your foreskin so it's never really been touched.  Eventually, as it is exposed more it will become less sensitive - all of this is normal.  You can try to use your finger to clean the smegma or a wash cloth.  Take your time, let the water do the work.  Be very careful about using soap, it can get into your urethra and burn.

Can you retract your foreskin all the way when erect?  You should be able to.  It should slide very easily up and down your shaft.  Most guys with a foreskin can't do this until about 16 or so.  Keep on pulling it back and stretching it if needed.

Hope it helps.