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Hey guys, i need some help. I'm 13 and I have boobs and all but no nipples. I really want to know when I will start to get them. I've saw things on the Internet saying that a year after you started your period or when around the area where your nipple should be starts becoming darker then you should start growing them. Well mines been dark for maybe even over a year and still nothing has happened. Some times I think I'll never have nipples. Someone help, please and thank you.!!


Hello Unicorn_smurf23You probably have inverted or flat nipples. Try this simple Pinch Test -

Make a “C” shape with your right hand.

Place your thumb and the first finger around the areola.

Push your finger and thumb back into your chest.

Gently squeeze the thumb and finger together.

Use a mirror to look at a side view of both nipples as you do the pinch test.

When you do the pinch test:–

1) A normal nipple will move forward.

2) A flat nipple will not move forward or backwards.

3) An inverted or retracted nipple will move backwards into the breast.

Some nipples look normal before the pinch test but move backwards or retract into the breast during the pinch test. 

Hope this helps

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