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For four days, my face has been itchy. Mostly my lips, my cheeks, and the area above my lips.

I thought I might have herpes because my lips and the area above were itching, but I there are no cold sores (so it might not be herpes). The only bumps on my lips are Fordyce's Bumps that mostly go across the line of my lip.I've also (like a id**t) scratched and rubbed them on the outside, but little to no relief, but when I bite the inside, I get most relief. Also, I had the itching problem there for months that went away because I used lip balm/chap stick (and I did so for the last three days. it feels more better than it did before. Sometimes, completely until they get dry again). And when I do, my lips peel a little even though it's completely moisturized. I still don't rule out herpes because you never know.

But it wasn't the only thing that itch. My cheeks (mostly) and sometimes random parts of my face itch just as crazy as my lips would. It would stop when I take a hot shower (or something with a little steam), but goes back the way it was before in minutes. I washed my face and put on some cocoa butter and it relieves it, but for only maybe 3 hours. I also put Carmex on them and get the same results. I mostly get total relief for a few hours for all of these symptoms after I go to sleep or take a nap. Also, this happened a couple of times before but went away after a short time.

Right now it goes like a pattern. First my cheeks would itch, then the area above the lips (mostly near the nose). My lips right now don't itch as much as they did before, but I'll still take any remedy for that too incase it happens again.

I'm planning a visit to my doctor. Until then I need other things that might help relieve the itch. If you need more info to see if you can help me with my problem:

-I'm in my apartment a lot (unemployed, not in college yet and baby sit every one for my older sis), The itching didn't start until the air conditioner broke down four days ago and it did so last month (but for two days), so the place it hot and stuffy.
-I live in Maryland and it's extremely hot outside this summer.
-I also sweat in the areas I mentioned where the itching occurs.
-I don't really drink water a lot. I've done some research on this, and found this might be because of dehydration?
-I eat a lot of junk, too. So my diet could possibly be another reason.
-I've also had the same bed sheets from 2 weeks ago because we couldn't wash anything with our washer. The dirt from there could be a reason.
-I did not share utensils, foods, cups, toothbrushes, or any personal care items/products. I also never kissed. Embarrassingly, I've been single all my life (I'm 18 lol) and never done anything with a guy. I barely kiss my family members, too.
-Maybe the way I sleep can also be a reason. I stay up till 5 or 6 a.m. lately.

I hope the info will help you give some tips on relieving my problem. Please and Thank you.


The same thing happened to me, its been two months now. I went to see the doctor and the only thing he could give me as a response is that I have an ear ache .. ?!!  I know youve posted this 2 years ago .. would you remember if you consulted? 

By lips don't itch anymore, its just chapped. And it never happened to me before.

I have been licking my lips alot recenlty because work has been quite stressful.  Thanks for the reply



man this is happening to me for last 2 years. my lips itch,my cheeks,my eyes and area around all goes in like a pattern . after i cure them with a betnobate cream it starts itching again after four to five days . my skin gets rough also especially my lips.please some one tell me what to do?