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im 16 years old and im uncircumsised. Well my foreskin wont go over the head of my penis. Its not that it dont stretch far enough. Its because there is a piece of skin connected from the foreskin to my penis that prevents it from going over the head. I dont know what to do.



Where is this piece of skin? Is it on the bottom of the penis? I think you are referring to the frenulum.

Can you move your foreskin when you are not erect? It does take time for it to "loosen" up to slide. You have to work it gently, never forcing it back.

There is a condition called "frenulum breve." Basically, the frenulum is too short. This may be what you are experiencing. You'll need to see a doctor to get it checked, preferably a urologist. I would not go to my family doctor for this. The urologist deals with this type of situation on a regular basis and will be able to evaluate your specific need.

Good luck. Please let us know how it goes.