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I have leg stiffness and tightness  every three days ,but there are no cramps of any type . I had a stroke two years ago, and when I had completed therapy and went home. After about three months it started. The doctors just say exercise, but i wanna know how long and what is the cause of these problems.


Hello Guest... did you have any residual weakness on either side of your body from the stroke?  Is the leg spasms on the affected side?  How often do you get these leg spasms?  Do stretches seem to help it any?  How much activity do you do currently?  Do you walk for exercise?  If so, for how long?  I would say if your leg does not improve, like having spasms multiple times a day, perhaps a muscle relaxant may help.  You can apply warm compresses to your leg to help with it.  Try taking a calcium supplement with magnesium and see if that might help you.  Low calcium levels can cause leg cramps.  Hope this helps!