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How long will someone last @ the ages between 6-78 years of age with lukemia ?


There is a varying degree in the length of time in which someone between the ages 6 – 78 can last with Leukemia. Mainly, because of the different types of Leukemia. Primarily, Acute or Chronic.

An Acute condition appears suddenly, symptoms progress rapidly, and without treatment, death occurs in a few months. A Chronic condition, on the other hand, begin more slowly and may remain undetected for months of even years, or in rare cases, decades. Without treatment, life expectancy after symptoms develop is about three years. The many treatment options give adults and children a better outlook.

For example, bone marrow and umbilical cord stem cell transplants can cure many types of leukemia... Several drugs, called chemotherapy, regimens have greatly increased remission rates in children. Newer drugs are more effective and more successful because they target cancer cells rather than attempt to destroy all cells that divide. This has lead to a new trend in diagnosing Leukemia.

Now Physician aim at identifying the protein that Leukemia cells produce. Early in the course of the illness, they can reveal which drugs are most likely effective and which ones will cause intolerable side effects and which ones will not work in a particular individual. There is a newer improvement in the way Leukemia is being treated that is promising, but not yet standard care.

The technical name is DNA microarry technology, commonly known as DNA chip. With it, Scientists have discovered, patient who do not improve with standard chemotherapy produce different proteins than patients who do improve. By this, a new recognized type of disease has emerged, called mixed linkage leukemia. Treated differently patients live longer.

Whether a 6 year old diagnosed with Leukemia be able to live well into their 80's and 90's I don't know, but one thing that I do know is that a good doctor make all the difference. My cousin, for example, had a type of leukemia which only averaged a survival rate of 7 – 10 years n a patient, after diagnosis. She lasted 14. She was diagnosed at an early age, which brings up a valid point: The overall, general heath of a patient make a world of difference as to how long they will survive. If they are healthy and in good shape, they have longer lives than those who are not.

Hope this answers your question!


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