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i have had a migraine for months feeling like its going to explode i have numbing of my face and my teeth hurt please hel


You may want to try some different herbal remedies to help you with your migraines.  Feverfew is one remedy that has been used for centuries for different ailments, including migraines.  You may also try 5-HTP to see if it helps. There was a study done comparing propranolol, a medication used for migraine relief, and 5-HTP.  Both worked well for migraines though the propranolol worked better.  Magnesium 600 mg per day is another remedy to try.  Butterbur extract (50 or 75 milligrams twice a day) can be used for migraine sufferers.  If you opt to use herbal remedies or supplements, use only one at a time to ensure you do not overdose with any with similar properties.