Hi everyone, I'm just gonna start off by saying that if you're a guy and think periods are gross then exit this tab right now, here goes... I actually have a couple things that I need help with.. my first thing is that I'm 13 and I have very very heavy periods and have huge blood clots, my mom says she does to so I just thought it's normal but I talked to my friends and they don't have it? Pleaseee help me! My second thing is that I use regular sized tampons and every 45 minutes I have to change it, no joke.. and I've told my mom this and asked if I could get a more absorbent size like super and she said no because it will stretch out my vagina.. how do I make her let me get super?? A couple weeks ago I bled through my pants and I had a regular sized tampon in a I just put it in not even 20 minutes ago! My main thing I need help with that I'm asking is how do I tell her to let me get bigger ones so I don't get embarrassed at school. :( PLEASE HELP BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS