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I just turned 37, and I have a guy so attached to me (27) and in my mind we consider each other as mother and son, but things we do is different... we"ve been through a lot in life, 8 years together, had a lot of fun, compatibilities, mutual understanding, sensitive of each other, and almost can't live without each other feeling as well, we had fights, but at the end of the day, we still comfort each other, humbly cuddle and feel each others arms... I'm just having this thought of i got jealous whenever he has a new friend (girl his age or younger) and be close to her... I dont know if I love him as my son or I want him to be my partner or should I stay in the kind of relationship we have. I'm confused of what I feel for him now... Should I tell him or not and just go with the flow just like what we have for 8 years.


Hey... Its Nice That You Are Having A Relation Like Mother And Son.. And After Seeing You're Problem.. Well I Would Suggest You To Just Go With The Flow.. Because If You Are Having Feelings Like This Maybe He's Not And Maybe He Loves You Like A Mother... So Don't Get Jealous And Go Find Yourself A Life Partner... GOOD LUCK!!!