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My body has been acting very strange this past year. From march until august i had no period, thats 5-6 months without one. I did at least 25 home pregnancy tests, all said negative. I also had a blood test and it was negative. I finally got my period two weeks ago and it started very light, then after a day or two of just light bleeding the flow became normal. Now i just have light bleeding but it hasn't stopped. I have never had regular periods, most of the time skipping months at a time, but this was the first time it has ever skipped more than 3 months.
I am a very stressed person when i first missed my period i had been out of work and worried, then by the second month i started back up but went right into 60 hours a week, along with full time classes.

Is there a correlation between the time i missed my period and the length of time it is lasting now?
What are some reasons why i missed my period for so many months?
why is there still spotting?
and do blood tests pick up on std's?


Hi Christina: I would bet that you have a cystic ovary!! This can stop your periods and it can make you have really heavy periods too! Also there is a chance of you having endometriosis, but I really think it is a cyst on your ovary!

So the first thing I would like you to do is go to your doctor and ask him/her for a pelvic/internal vaginal ultransound! This will determine what is going on there! Some cysts go away by themselves, but others need to be treated! Also when you have ovarian cysts, your chances of becoming pregnant decreases substantially - due to the fact that you are not ovulating!

IF you think you might have and STD/STI then I want you to ask your doctor for a check up for those, just to rule that out too! Either way you definitely need to be seen. As when you bleed a lot = and it's not a normal period - then you are loosing too much blood! A period is usually between 1 - 3 ounces (3 being a HEAVY period) so if you are having a continual heavy period you could become anemic. So get checked out sooner than later OK? Good luck and health, and please let me know how you make out?